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Cinebox Scene

October 28, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello guys,

Today we are going to make it, so how? 🙂  of course With Cinebox VR, guys this project amazing    Cinebox scene virtual reality cinema has 80 diffrent Interactive game and update also very easy, because can download directly  Steam VR platform, so like this you can be easy update your cinebox scene.

let me tell you about cinebox scene features,  first of all we have 12M2 area on scene and users can be feel very flexible also on the cinebox scene virtual reality system have 6 diffrent place strong speaker, with that speaker machine have so much song and this is make users more feeling,  and also on the system have special software with this software  you can save your data like how many visitor came to your cinebox.

there is also bigger screen and with this screen other people can watch users game than they will want to try  this is strategy of bussiness. 🙂

Cinebox Scene game 4-9 minute and there is also level, so you can create your job as you want,  everyone understand and everyone knows there is no more option to make fun  for adult people, but cinebox did this and now every adult people can have fun more than kids,  this 9d virtual reality cinema  for future entertainment.


So, when are you going to buy your Cinebox Scene