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Hello Guys,

Today I’m Going to telling about Cinebox Racing, yes Cinebox Racing have 5 diffrent special game inside of the machine, and also that game just private for Cinebox Brand, Cinebox Racing as you understand giving feeling of race, 100% Real effect because Cinebox Make it synchronous system with special softrware, when users start to play racing game, at the same time customer getting real feeling, for example when you turn your steering wheel at the same time you will get feeling turn same way, this is must be have but a lot of all vr machine is not supporting this system, just Cinebox Racing 9d virtual reality cinema can support this.

Regarding of Cinebox Racing 9d virtual reality system,  racing vr have 70cm cylinder and this is enough for support feeling, the best thing about cinebox  racing have special software so as a investor you can fallow and easy control each day how many customer you get it, so this is make you more comfortable, regarding of steering Wheel and pedal we use logitec brand for trade way, and also Cinebox racing seats also very comfortable and make you more focus about game, when you start to play with Cinebox racing vr you will not want to stop, you will try again and again.

Everyone think about after sale service for VR, so this is our targetting to give all investor Cinebox good service for future, as a Cinebox we have 12 technical  service staff and they are working like a shift and giving to service all arround the world 7/24, this is make us more strong, because all people think about this issue and they are totaly right, Cinebox VR factory in china but our founder&Owner From Turkey, and he care about this issue a lot and thats why he is not like a chinesse company mentality. When we sell the any Cinebox, after that we create a group and we add all the technical department is there and than when customer get any problem our technical department support at the same time, There is no any way to make stop us for help, because you have Cinebox VR brand name and we must care about this brand for the future, so we need keep helping to you for not get any bad feedback, and also if you need any spare parts, at the same time Cinebox giving to DHL Service to send your country, so if your 9d vr cinema got any big problem, we can send our staff to your country for solved all the problem.


Cinebox VR 9d virtual reality cinema create all the idea and think just for our investor, who work with us they are happy, because Cinebox  focusing to make happy everyone.


So, When you gonna buy your Cinebox Racing?

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