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Cinebox Family

October 11, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m going to tell about Cinebox Family, Cinebox Family 9d virtual reality cinema have 6 seats and have 102 Movie + 8 Interactive game.

The Best features of Cinebox Family VR Machine have special software, and you can Check your machine and staff as a investor.

Cinebox family has 120cm cylinder, yes this is exactly amazing, because all other no name company they are using 70cm cylinder,so it will not Effect Feeling, but with Cinebox it will be Effect very positive.

Cinebox Family 9d vr cinema has very strong speaker aswell, so 6 diffrent seats have 6 diffrent speaker, amazing sounds with Cinebox VR.

Cinebox Family 9D vr machine, if you have big place, it will be good bussiness, so because you can get 6 customer in one time ans this is make your bussiness more time to get more customer.

Cinebox Family awarage get montly 4500-6000 customer and your each ticket $7, so totat amonam it will be awarage 35.000,00 USD.

As Cinebox VR we have nice design machine and also great looking, so don’t forget also about VR bussiness, need to be good show to other customer.


When you gonna buy your Cinebox Family?

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