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Cinebox Duplex

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Today I’m going to explain Cinebox Duplex, everyone wanna make extra money, but bad things they don’t know how can be?

Let’s explain some easy way, Cinebox  have you hear about this brand? if no, so you need to know about it, Cinebox VR most of the fast growing brand in arround the world, they have best products name of Cinebıx Duplex 9D Virtual Reality machine with this products everyone can make easy money, Cinebox Duplex 9d vr cinema have two seats and inside of the system  have 102 movie + 8 Interactive game and have special software in the machine so you can buy one cinebox duplex and you can put your Cinebox Duplex 9d vr cinema anywhere, such as Mall,Outdoor, Airport can be anywhere, which is the most crowded place we suggestion there. So when you start your Cinebox VR bussiness you will sell ticket for each person $7 and actually in one month Cinebox get 3500-5000 customer so let’s say 4000 customer Monthly you can make 28.000,00 USD, so your rent and staff cost can be 8.000,00 USD and you can make net profit 20.000,00 USD and good thing about Cinebox, in one cost of Cinebox Duplex less than this amount, so means in one month you can get your money back again.

Everyone think about this, possible or not, guys We can said right now Cinebox 9d virtual Reality products has 27 country operation with more than 530 branch, we see all the mall and we test almost half of the world, we know this bussiness exactly make very fast money.

Cinebox Duplex 9d vr cinema movie and game time 2-5 minute each movie, so awarege 3 minute, this is also make you more time for get more customer.

Cinebox 9d virtual Reality cinema using best and high quality parts, for Example cylinder of machine is very important parts and need to be long, other no name company using 40cm cylinder but cinebox vr  use 60cm cylinder so this is means more Effect for move machine and at the same time customer get more attraction and they are getting more exciting, and other important parts inculed system graphic card, so we know other no name company using cheapest brand graphic card and have no good resulation, must be perfect resolation on googles, so that’s why cibebox use more expensive and highest quality graphic cards on the double seats Vr Cinema machine this is make our cinebox more strong and more quality, and other no name vr machine has one main board but Cinebox VR using 2 diffrent Main board inculed virtual reality machine,  and regarding software, cinebox make it very special software for our vr machine, and can be control each details, such as data as a investor we want to know how many customer use machine each day, and for this Cinebox has report system, each day each time you can control of your Cinebox, and you can check each details, so there is staff can’t stil your money, and other good thing about Cinebox vr we create Cinebox App IOS&Android can download and can use, advantage of app make loyalty system on phone and make earn more money to investor.

When you buy Cinebox Duplex, Cinebox will send free spare parts package inculed system, and Cinebox giving one year full warranty for machine and Cinebox giving lifetime software Support.

Cinebox make it free update on your Cinebox, Cinebox not get from investor any royalty or fee, investor will invest one time money and will earn money forewer.


Cinebox Produce The Robust VR Devices!

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