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Cinebox Concept

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Hello Everyone,


Today I’m going to telling Cinebox VR Concept,   with Cinebox Concept really you no need anything else  because Cinebox Did every each details for your Cinebox Bussiness, Let me tell you what they did.

With Cinebox Concept you will get specail box and this box not getting any woice in box and not giving any woice out of the box. So this is make you safe in mall because all mall management take care of this details, so if you make distur anyone in mall this is make disturb mall management,  and malll management will rejected your project than you will lost money, but Cinebox Concept 9d virtual reality cinema bussiness you will have every details, so they will not say you anything for this. because Cinebox VR already more tha  30 country have operation more than 530 branch, so this is make you strong front of mll management, they will keep going with you for other mall aswell.

Cinebox Concept have fully package also we make nice design on kiosk like signboard and with some advertising,  and this is make your bussiness more luxury, and also inside the box we have 4KW UPS, with this UPS even you have no electric you will keep going more than 5 hour without electric and also this UPS make safe your Cinebox Brain, like Servo driver and main board, thoose parts must be protect under the UPS, and like this you will not get any problem from electric.

Cinebox Concept VR cinema inculed box also have AC, this is make more cooler inside of the box and customer will not get bored, so  also will make inside the box more cold and machine wil not get any problem from the hot, because machine also can get problem because of hot, so by the way you can adjust your temprature inside the box.

Also in Cinebox Concept you have Sounds Absorbing Carpet, so this is make effect positive for sounds not going out of the box.

Cinebox Think about investor to much, that’s why we put top on the kiosk one IP camera, so with this camera also you can fallow your all staff and you can control your bussiness, this is not just a control don’t forget this point, if there is any camera,  staff can’t do any mistake for you 🙂   and also we have special software system, with this sytem you can control your bussiness. For example each day you get 120 customer and your ticket 10 USD so means there is you made it one day 1200  usd, your staff can’t said you I have 1190 USD this is impossible, also you can control on your phone this systm, your staff can send you excel file is directy on system. and also you can control time, time is most important things, so you can see all details,  time and which game how many times played.

Cinebox have black cashier and this cashier have inside ticker printer, ticket printer can control your cinebox line, because sometimes cinebox get to much crowded and people confuse who come before or who come after, so that time if you have this ticket printer so you can  control your line and not getting any fighthing with customer.

we send also T-short with Cinebox logo, and make your bussiness more corporation, so your staff all will be this clothes with Cinebox, and also we send some balloon for promotion, when you open the concept  your Cinebox, so you need some promotion, and we do this for you.

we make free update your Cinebox so now if you buy Cinebox  you will get 102 movie + 8 interactive game   we will make free update for your software, because everyday we develop our software.

Everyone asking us, what’s diffrent between Cinebox and other brand, guys cinebox have a lot of advantage so firstly we use high quality  parts on machine, for example x brand used 25 usd graphic card, Cinebox used 137 usd value of graphic cards, so why we do this, because our owner is not  from china, he is from Turkey and he is not mentality of chinesse, so that’s why  he take care of this brand more than everyone, we have  in Turkey other headquarter, there is we control all the middle east and for technical service and pther spare parts  also if you have it big problem on your cinebox, cinebox can send you the techical service directly.

we don’t wanna our cinebox stop one minute also, because we know better advertising just can be our branch.


So, are you going to buy your Cinebox Concept?