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Cinebox VR Brings a Different Dimension to the Entertainment Industry! As Cinebox VR, we strive to open a new era in the entertainment industry and create different concepts with different projects. In this direction, we would like to introduce you to Cinebox VR Cafe today.


Both VR and Cafe are Together!

In the Cinebox VR Cafe concept, you can both sip your coffee with your loved ones and experience the excitement of virtual reality in the same space. Cinebox VR, which stands out as a profitable investment tool, presents a different projection for its investors with this concept.



Show Your Difference!

The project consists of two main parts, a section with chocolate and coffee products, and a section with Cinebox VR products.

While Cinebox VR Cafe stands out as a compact entertainment area for customers, it offers diversity in terms of revenue.

The section containing the Cinebox VR products of the project can be customized upon request and different Cinebox devices can be added. Just tell us which product you want.




“Own this difference and be one step forward from others.”


It doesn’t matter where you are. You can follow how much your investment earns you every day from anywhere in the world.

Join our family now!







Enjoy your financial freedom while people spend quality time with their loved ones at Cinebox VR Cafe.


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