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Cinebox VR Trade Mark!

March 3, 2019 adminadmin No Comments

DONE! We recieved our Cinebox Trade Mark Certificate. As a Cinebox we struggle more than 2 year with China Goverment trade mark department, we gave our law struggle. To many company and person objected in this process, but finally we winn. We Register Cinebox, 1.5 billion population country in China! We create this brand | […]

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Cinebox 360 VR Rotation

February 20, 2019 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Everyone,   Great news coming, Cinebox rotation awailable today for sale. There is main question, what’s Cinebox VR Rotation,  can be rotation 360, yes exactly   360  can be rotation and there is no limited for turn.   What more! 5 diffrent Interactive game Strong materials All place belt Safety rotation Free update Maximum Fun […]

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Cinebox Scene

October 28, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello guys, Today we are going to make it, so how? 🙂  of course With Cinebox VR, guys this project amazing    Cinebox scene virtual reality cinema has 80 diffrent Interactive game and update also very easy, because can download directly  Steam VR platform, so like this you can be easy update your cinebox scene. […]

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Virtual Reality Is Coming to the Classroom Infographic

October 23, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Virtual Reality Is Coming to the Classroom Infographic Virtual Reality is being used in classrooms now more than ever. One quarter of the schools are already using VR, and this number is continuing to grow. While most teachers are aware of VR, over three quarters of teachers have never used it in a school environment […]

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Cinebox Concept

October 20, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Everyone,   Today I’m going to telling Cinebox VR Concept,   with Cinebox Concept really you no need anything else  because Cinebox Did every each details for your Cinebox Bussiness, Let me tell you what they did. With Cinebox Concept you will get specail box and this box not getting any woice in box and […]

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Cinebox VR Horse

October 18, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Guys,   Today I’m going to tell Cinebox VR Horse Virtual Reality. So this Riding Horse make you feeling like you riding some horse and you will play inside to game, we use with Cinebox VR Horse HTC Vive Googles, this googles supporting all the steam VR games, this is advantage of googles, Cinebox […]

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