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Cinebox Racing

October 12, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Guys, Today I’m Going to telling about Cinebox Racing, yes Cinebox Racing have 5 diffrent special game inside of the machine, and also that game just private for Cinebox Brand, Cinebox Racing as you understand giving feeling of race, 100% Real effect because Cinebox Make it synchronous system with special softrware, when users start to […]

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Cinebox Family

October 11, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to tell about Cinebox Family, Cinebox Family 9d virtual reality cinema have 6 seats and have 102 Movie + 8 Interactive game. The Best features of Cinebox Family VR Machine have special software, and you can Check your machine and staff as a investor. Cinebox family has 120cm cylinder, yes […]

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Cinebox Duplex

October 10, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

CINEBOX DUPLEX Today I’m going to explain Cinebox Duplex, everyone wanna make extra money, but bad things they don’t know how can be? Let’s explain some easy way, Cinebox  have you hear about this brand? if no, so you need to know about it, Cinebox VR most of the fast growing brand in arround the […]

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Why I Should Buy Cinebox Concept?

June 4, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Hello Everyone, Welcome to  our site, as you know we are start this business with Cinebox Concept and until now we spend more than 3 year with this concept and what we do let me tell you , are you ready to get exciting  🙂  lets get it    until today 27 country more than […]

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9d virtual reality for sale

Cinebox VR Factory

May 13, 2018 adminadmin No Comments

Cinebox VR Factory has 2.500 M2  production area, we produce in this area 19 diffrent VR prodocts, specially 9D Virtual Reality products and 2 seats egg VR Cinema most populer ones, every month we create new model machine, because we know and we sure this industry will grow up. In Cinebox Factory work 127 staff, […]

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Cinebox Flying Bike

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Getting to know anout cinebox flying bike, it was amazing products ffro the Cinebox VR, because have great design and professional content, with this machine you will feel really flying and under your Control. 1. Special Design 2. Strong Material 3. Private Content

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