After Sale Service – Cinebox

After Sale Service

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After Sale Service


Cinebox gives technical support and spare parts services in the all over the World Cinebox branches with the help of 2 engineer

plus 10 technical staffs. Cinebox is the only brand that is patended Stand Design.Cinebox devices are special and their

ingredients are different from ordinary devices. For Example, While ordinary virtual reality devices are using 30 cm piston,

Cinebox devices have 60 cm piston. Thus, because of the increasing movement capacity, clients enjoys more than ordinary

devices. ( There are 8 more example like this)

Cinebox does the advertising works with the World’s Leading Brands. With the help of Advertising Strategies always increase

its turnover. ( Bilboard and Food Companies etc)

Cinebox doesn’t give the second franchising fort he same area with the Franchise Area Protection. In the same way, it doesn’t

allow the X brand in the same area. Thus, it preserves the turnover of its dealer. ( 300.000 Population and lower) Thereby,

Cinebox produce special flicks, preserves the device inovation and wants to experience repeatedly for its clients. Cinebox is

the first brand that is integrating interactive films to its devices. War Games can be played with the Joysticks in the Cinebox


Cinebox Glasses are the Special Product. İnstead of watching of films, you live the films with the help of wide lens.

Cinebox consept is a special work. In the isolated and silent area, Client voices and devices noises can’t hear from outside.

Thus, Cinebox provide the enjoy fort he clients in a gauze box without any disturbance in the common areas fort he other